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A handful of dispensaries open in New York, dispensary applications are now available in Hawaii, it looks like Florida will get another chance to vote for medical marijuana, and more…. Source: Medical Marijuana Update | Stop The War On Drugs  

Medical Marijuana Update

AUBURN — After years of trying to keep marijuana out of schools, educators across the country are grappling with how to administer cannabis to students with prescriptions for it. Medical marijuana has been legal in some states for two decades but school districts and lawmakers are only now starting to […]

Maine – Auburn to allow medical marijuana in schools

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Dale Jackson never thought he would support legalizing marijuana. He says he’s actually never seen or smoked it before until he realized cannabis oil was the medical solution to help ease some of his autistic son’s pain. Dale Jackson’s 7-year-old son Colin is severely autistic and completely […]

Father pushes for medical cannabis growth to help autistic growth

TALLAHASSEE — In the two years since the Florida Legislature passed a law allowing highly restricted use of medical marijuana to help people with seizures, the measure remains in regulatory limbo with more questions than answers. The low-potency marijuana allowed under the Compassionate Cannabis Act of 2014 is not getting […]

Florida medical marijuana measure remains at standstill

At the news conference, Libertas Institute president Connor Boyack and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill urged lawmakers to come up with a medical marijuana program. Gill said medical marijuana legalization is part of a wider rethinking of a criminal justice system that has often punished people for mental illness […]

Utah – Medical marijuana gets another shot

The annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society took place in early December, and the largest study presented confirmed the astounding benefits of medical cannabis to treat seizures. Epilepsy affects one in 26 Americans, “with one-third having a form of the condition that resists treatment or effective management.” Children and […]

Landmark Study Confirms Marijuana Extract Is Amazing Aid to Prevent ...