Parents plan to publicly break law to get medical marijuana


Jackson asked, “When will Governor Deal stand-up and defend the families of Georgia against federal agents when we make it very public what we’re doing?”


ATLANTA — A quick prayer prepared a group of parents to — very publicly — break the law.

“The governor has asked us to break federal law, the governor has asked us to break another state’s law,” parent Vince Seivert said. A room full of parents who have kids they believe can benefit from cannabis oil are discouraged, but not defeated, by the recent gutting of medical marijuana legislation.

Some viewed House Bill 722 as the next step after House Bill 1 passed last year allowing patients to use and possess a certain type of cannabis oil. Patients were hoping HB 722 would make it easier for them to obtain medical marijuana.  Their challenge is to Governor Nathan Deal who continues to oppose the legal growth of medical marijuana in Georgia. Their method is to purchase cannabis in a state where it’s legal, bring it back to Georgia while breaking federal and state laws…and making sure everyone knows about it along the way.

Source: Parents plan to publicly break law to get medical marijuana | 13WMAZ

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