How Does Pot Affect Memory?

Image courtesy of High Times

Image courtesy of High Times

Human memory is generally divided into three types: sensory memory, short-term memory (which lasts less than a minute) and long-term memory (which can last a lifetime). Cannabis notoriously affects short-term or working memory in a way that… wait, what was I just talking about?

THC’s effect on long-term memory isn’t as drastic, partly because this type of memory is divided into two types: implicit memory (unconscious, muscle memory) and explicit memory. Explicit memory can be semantic (definitions, facts, concepts) or episodic (events, experiences, places). Out of all these kinds, THC deals a blow to episodic memory, or being able to recall things that have happened in your lifetime.

Editor’s Note:  While this article is not necessarily written from a medical standpoint, it is none the less important that we remember ALL the effects cannabis can have on our patients.

Source:  How Does Pot Affect Memory? | High Times

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