Joe Triscaro does not like the ResponsibleOhio marijuana-legalization amendment, but he will vote for it on Nov. 3.  Dr. Anup D. Patel, a pediatric neurologist and director of the Complex Epilepsy Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, says Issue 3 is not the way to make medical marijuana legal. Marijuana as medicine […]

Ohio Issue 3: Medical Marijuana Tough Call

Researchers are getting closer to answering the centuries-old question of how to label cannabis varieties — a necessary step to bring the plant into mainstream agriculture. However, with an ever-growing number of jurisdictions permitting research and creeping towards cannabis commercialization, the need for a solid taxonomy is clear. Grow shops, […]

Botany: The Cultivation of Weed

At a time when almost half of the United States has legalized marijuana for medical use, we’ve hit a crucial point when current studies on cannabis should be thoroughly examined and any “research holes” attempted to be filled. In July, eight Democrats in the U.S. Senate pointed out a lack […]

Medical Marijuana Research: Where Do We Stand?

WILLMAR, Minnesota — Local hospitals are wrestling with one of the murkier aspects of Minnesota’s new medical cannabis law: how to appropriately handle the drug when it’s used by hospitalized patients. An amendment to the law, approved this year, provided some clarity by allowing health care facilities to dispense and […]

Hospitals Gear Up For Medical Cannabis

The LSU and Southern University Agricultural Centers have been granted first crack at being the sole growers and producers of medical marijuana in Louisiana. Under a Source: LSU, Southern get first shot to grow medical marijuana, but there’s ‘a huge risk’ it could cost them federal funds | News | […]

LSU, Southern get first shot to grow medical marijuana, but ...