Martin Lee provides a report from the recent International Cannabis Research Society meeting.  New findings highlight CBD’s therapeutic potential for cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and other disorders. Source: ICRS 2017: Report from Montreal

ICRS 2017: Report from Montreal

  This review examines the epidemiology of cannabis use among children and adolescents, including those with developmental and behavioral diagnoses. It then outlines the increasingly well-recognized neurocognitive changes shown to occur in adolescents who use cannabis regularly, highlighting the unique susceptibility of the developing adolescent brain and describing the role […]

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  As states grapple with the re-integration of medical cannabis into the physician’s compendium, there are hundreds of small dramas being played out all across the nation, indeed all around the globe. Many go unreported except for local coverage. The process isn’t as sexy as tie-dyed hippies with mammoth bongs […]

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