Bearman began with a 45-minute lecture on the history of  drug consumption,  beginning with Zoroastrian rituals and ending with GW Pharmaceuticals’ 2014 medical trials of Epidiolex, a liquid form of Cannabidiol used to treat epilepsy.  Bearman said the history of cannabis use can help people understand modern policy and culture […]

Dr. David Bearman Talks History, Uses of Cannabis

Philadelphia will hold the city’s first Veteran’s Day Parade on Sunday November 8, 2015. U.S. Marine Corps vet Mike Whiter will be there to share information about marijuana and his personal story of how the plant changed his life for the better. “We’ve been quiet for too long,” said Whiter, “Do […]

Philly420: Marijuana Day at the Philly Veterans Parade

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that allows military veterans to more easily access medical marijuana in states where it is legal. Under current Department of Veterans Affairs regulations, doctors who work for the V.A. cannot issue cannabis recommendations, even in the 23 states that have laws allowing for medical […]

Senate Passes Bill Letting Veterans Access Medical Marijuana

 A former Navy SEAL makes the case for why the federal ban on medical marijuana needs to be lifted. Medical marijuana is a political issue. It is a legal issue. But most important, it is a health issue that is playing an increasingly significant role in the quality of life […]

Every Veteran Deserves Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

After steadily accumulating anecdotes about how veterans use cannabis to treat their war wounds understanding might finally be on the way. Following years of bureaucratic hurdles, the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved, randomized controlled trial on cannabis and PTSD is set to begin this summer. Many believe the study […]

Marijuana Legalization 2015: PTSD And Cannabis — Can Researchers Cut ...