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    In the late 1980s, receptors were found in the brain for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. But since THC doesn’t naturally occur in the body, the presence of these receptors puzzled scientists. The mystery was solved a few years later with the discovery of arachidonylethanolamide, […]

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The latest issue of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research highlights the use of cannabis is treating opioid addiction.         To see the complete article please click on this link:

Cannabis as a Substitute for Opioid-Based Pain Management

  As states grapple with the re-integration of medical cannabis into the physician’s compendium, there are hundreds of small dramas being played out all across the nation, indeed all around the globe. Many go unreported except for local coverage. The process isn’t as sexy as tie-dyed hippies with mammoth bongs […]

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