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Source: Current Oncology, March 2016.  Use of cannabinoids in cancer care: palliative care   Editor’s Note: This article is from the March 2016 issue of Current Oncology and is an excellent overview.

Use of cannabinoids in cancer care: palliative care

Today, on the House floor, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) addressed the serious opioid abuse epidemic across America, highlighting medical marijuana as an alternative to highly addictive prescription opioids in treating chronic pain. In his remarks, Representative Blumenauer called for further reforms to our medical marijuana laws, including making sure our […]

Congressman Blumenauer: Medical Marijuana Could Help Solve Opioid Abuse Epidemic

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah state senators gave preliminary approval Monday to a medical marijuana proposal that would legalize edible, vapor and topical pot products. Lawmakers voted 15-13 to advance the bill, saying the measure could help those with certain debilitating conditions who have not found relief through other medications. […]

Broad Utah medical marijuana bill gets prelim Senate OK on ...

By: Eloise Theisen, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC My experience has been that patients who are coming to cannabis for the first time have complex medical histories.  Some have tried everything under the sun, with little to no relief.  Others are taking a long list of medications, including over the counter and […]

Why Nurses are Vital to the Medical Cannabis Community

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Dale Jackson never thought he would support legalizing marijuana. He says he’s actually never seen or smoked it before until he realized cannabis oil was the medical solution to help ease some of his autistic son’s pain. Dale Jackson’s 7-year-old son Colin is severely autistic and completely […]

Father pushes for medical cannabis growth to help autistic growth

TALLAHASSEE — In the two years since the Florida Legislature passed a law allowing highly restricted use of medical marijuana to help people with seizures, the measure remains in regulatory limbo with more questions than answers. The low-potency marijuana allowed under the Compassionate Cannabis Act of 2014 is not getting […]

Florida medical marijuana measure remains at standstill