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(CNN)The Australian Parliament passed a measure Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana. The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act will allow cannabis to be legally grown for medical and scientific purposes for the first time in Australia. “This is an historic day for Australia and the many advocates who have fought long […]

Medical marijuana legalized in Australia

Researchers who study marijuana made a number of findings in 2015, from learning about the health effects of using the drug frequently and recreationally, to figuring out which diseases and conditions are most likely to benefit from the substance’s use. The findings about marijuana that came out this year advanced […]

Pot Science: Top Marijuana Findings of 2015

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A new survey shows many doctors in Minnesota are reluctant to accept medical marijuana as a treatment option. The survey was released Tuesday to the state’s Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research. It was conducted by task force member Dr. Charles Reznikoff, an addiction specialist […]

Minnesota docs hesitant on medical marijuana program, survey shows

The Senate failed to pass legislation again this year that would legalize non-smokable forms of marijuana under the state’s medical pot program. That means nearly 180,000 medical marijuana patients in Michigan remain in limbo, as do their caregivers and suppliers. It’s unfair to patients working within the law, adopted by […]

Editorial: Protect access to medical marijuana

Raymond Schwab is a 40-year-old Gulf War veteran. He served from 1994 to 1996 in the Navy and later qualified for a 50 percent disability rating. He lived in Colorado when the state legalized medical marijuana and obtained his own card. The turning point in his family life began with a […]

Kansas holds children of Colorado veteran who uses medical marijuana

For the first time, researchers have completed a study that proves medical marijuana can treat migraines. A study like this has never been done before due to federal regulations preventing scientists in the U.S. from obtaining cannabis for research. Throughout the years, migraine and headache sufferers have turned to smoking pot […]

Medical Marijuana May Be A Cure For Migraines, And Many ...