Autism & Cannabis – Some Resources


project_cbd_logoProject CBD has compiled a list of excellent scientific journal articles on Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  You can access the list  here:  The links lead to abstracts and in some case you must pay for the full article but the abstracts provide a tantalizing glimpse into the available science on this emerging application of cannabis.

According to one of the journals cited in the Project CBD list:

Mutations found in individuals with autism block the action of molecules made by the brain that act on the same receptors that marijuana’s active chemical acts on, according to new research. The findings implicate specific molecules, called endocannabinoids, in the development of some autism cases and point to potential treatment strategies.

Those interested in autism and cannabis may want to visit the AutismOne website and learn more about their upcoming conference (May 26, 2016) which will feature an endocannabinoid track.  You can learn more here:


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