The Evolution of Edibles


It wasn’t long ago that the term “edibles” meant only one thing – pot brownies. Aside from getting the consumer unpredictably high, these early edibles were known for their distinct chlorophyll taste accompanied by varying degrees of gritty plant matter. For decades, the very notion of ganja food has conjured up images of carefree hippies wearing tie-dye T-shirts and dancing in the mud. But today, cannabis-infused edibles are a million-dollar industry catering to high-end clientele. And while dosage remains dubious, the products themselves are getting much more sophisticated. From fizzy sodas, gourmet cheesecakes and rich chocolate truffles to pizza sauce, barbecue sauce and infused teas and juices, these are definitely not the edibles of yore.

Source:  Cannabis Now | The Evolution of Edibles

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