Medical Marijuana Research: Where Do We Stand?

Image courtesy of Natural Products Insider

Image courtesy of Natural Products Insider

At a time when almost half of the United States has legalized marijuana for medical use, we’ve hit a crucial point when current studies on cannabis should be thoroughly examined and any “research holes” attempted to be filled.

In July, eight Democrats in the U.S. Senate pointed out a lack of research behind medical marijuana and asked what the Obama Administration is currently doing to drive research forward. The senators submitted a letter to the heads of the Department of Health and Human Services, White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), pointing out a “growing patient pool” of medical marijuana users and the need to conduct “sensible research” to generate meaningful conclusions. The senators also brought up a wide range of issues, such as FDA’s timeline on whether to reschedule marijuana’s status as a Schedule I drug.

The plant—Cannabis sativa—is certainly not a new discovery. So how could its derivative, cannabis, lack research when it has been used for healing purposes since the 15th century?

Source:  Medical Marijuana Research: Where Do We Stand? | Natural Products Insider

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