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TALLAHASSEE, FL (#WTXLDigital) -Lawmakers gathered for a meeting in Tallahassee Monday to continue writing the financial impact statement that will be read by voters on 2016 for a constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana. A similar amendment was rejected by voters in the 2014 election, with some lawmakers suggesting […]

Florida Looking to Colorado for Guidance in Medical Marijuana

  COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) today announced its strong opposition to State Issue 3, which would give a small group of self-selected investors a monopoly over the cultivation and sale of marijuana in Ohio and make marijuana widely available across the state at the expense of the health and safety of […]

Ohio Nurse Association Announces Opposition to Issue 3

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell acknowledges that hemp oil can provide some therapeutic benefit in treating seizure disorders. He wrote in an April memo that residents should not fear prosecution for possessing hemp oil products. Still parents, including Vaughan, face difficulties when trying to arrange for their children to receive […]

Mother ‘Frustrated’ Over School’s Hemp Policy

PHOENIX — If some Arizona nurses get their way, medical marijuana will become available as early as next year to treat everything from arthritis and autism to Tourette’s syndrome and traumatic brain injury. Members of the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association are petitioning the Department of Health Services to add those […]

Nurses Seek to Expand Medical Marijuana Uses

 A former Navy SEAL makes the case for why the federal ban on medical marijuana needs to be lifted. Medical marijuana is a political issue. It is a legal issue. But most important, it is a health issue that is playing an increasingly significant role in the quality of life […]

Every Veteran Deserves Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

Joe Triscaro does not like the ResponsibleOhio marijuana-legalization amendment, but he will vote for it on Nov. 3.  Dr. Anup D. Patel, a pediatric neurologist and director of the Complex Epilepsy Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, says Issue 3 is not the way to make medical marijuana legal. Marijuana as medicine […]

Ohio Issue 3: Medical Marijuana Tough Call